About Rollen

Educator | Master Trainer | Fitness Instructor

About Rollen

Educator | Master Trainer | Fitness Instructor |
Online Coach

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Over the last 10 years in the fitness industry as a Master Trainer, personal trainer, and group fitness professional, Rollen has helped individuals understand, view, and use fitness as a vehicle to process struggles, overcome personal setbacks, and better themselves spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Applying this mindset and approach is vital because it allows Rollen to build strong authentic relationships with people at all fitness levels and backgrounds while also providing the necessary education, knowledge, and proper application of training principles from a holistic perspective.

Rollen’s experience in both the professions of education and fitness guides others through the process of firmly establishing the best version of themselves and provides the necessary “tools” that will keep them accountable and consistent on their own personal health and fitness journey.

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